Production process

We still brew a real beer. How that works, you can find out here.

Production process

ProductieprocesStep 1: First of all, the carefully selected malts are crushed. The selection depends on the type of beer.


ProductieprocesStep 2: Now the brewing process starts. The tailor-made brewing process determines what type of beer will be produced.


ProductieprocesStep 3: Everything is pumped into the filtering vat, where it is filtered for about an hour. In the meantime, the water is heated to a temperature of about 80° Celsius to rinse the brewer’s spent grain afterwards (cauldron).


ProductieprocesStep 4: The rinsing process takes an hour. During rinsing all the remaining sugars are removed from the brewer’s spent grain to increase the yield.


ProductieprocesStep 5: Afterwards, everything is pumped into the cauldron, where it will be boiled for about an hour and a half.


ProductieprocesStep 6: After boiling, refrigeration takes place by means of a heat exchanger.


ProductieprocesStep 7: The wort will then start the fermentation process in a fermentation tank at a temperature of about 20° C. This takes about ten days. Only as of this moment, we can speak of a young bear. In the lager tanks, the beer will mature for 4 to 5 weeks.


ProductieprocesStep 8: After maturng, the beer is bottled and the kegs are filled.


ProductieprocesStep 9: The bottles are kept in a warm room for further fermentation inside the bottle for about two weeks. The beer is then allowed to rest for another few weeks before it is sold.

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